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Tabakhane Mah. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Küme Evler No:9 Yenisehir BURSA 16900 TÜRKİYE

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What are your certificates?

We have brc, fda, halal, ou kosher certificates which assures that the quality of our product always meets the expectations of our customers.

Do you use palm oil? If so, is this sustainable palm oil?

Palm oil is widely used for a variety of reasons and is one of the most productive crops per hectare compared to alternatives. That said, we regularly review our raw materials to ensure we are using the most appropriate raw materials to deliver the quality required across our range of biscuits and snacks.

Do you use GMO in your products?

We use only non-GM ingredients in our products. As a responsible food manufacturer, our priority is to assure the safety and quality of the ingredients it uses

Product is out of date; what should I do?

The fact that the product was sold beyond the indicated date is the responsibility of the retailer and we would recommend that you return the product to the shop from where it was purchased together with the purchase receipt.

Are your products suitable for coeliacs?

Unfortunately, many of our products are not suitable as they contain cereal or flour based ingredients.

Where can I buy Venus products?

Unfortunately, we can’t specify the individual stores in your area that stock our products, as we deliver to the Central Warehouses of large multiples, and because store ranges change from time to time. Smaller stores or outlets purchase from local Wholesale or Cash and Carry outlets.

Can your packaging be recycled?

Recycling facilities around the world vary, however we are working to make our packaging recyclable. In the meantime, please check your local recycling information.

Why do you discontinue lines?

There are a number of reasons why this might happen. Some common reasons are that some products are removed from sale by retail outlets as they do not reach the rate of sale required to maintain viability on shelf. Unfortunately, in many cases we are unable to influence this.

Can you explain the coding to me for these packs - I don't understand it?

All consumer units, i.e. what is sold via a retail outlet, are required to carry a Best Before code, to advise the recommended time for consumption of the product. In the case of multi-packs, due to manufacturing complexities occasionally the date codes are applied to the outer packaging only, as this is the unit being offered for sale and therefore covers the entire contents. The code on the individual packet is not a best before date; it is an internal code which show us the week, line number of production, production team/shift and the time the packet was produced. In these cases, a note of the best before date applied to the outer pack needs to be made.

How should I store your products?

The general rule for all of our products is to store them in a cool, dry place. We would strongly recommend storing our products away from strong flavours or materials such as washing powders or other cleaning materials, which may taint the product and result in poor taste or quality

I have a query on the product I have bought - where can I find out more?

You can contact our Consumer Services team on our Careline, or via email. You can find these on the Contact us page.